For Schools

Schools deliver their lessons through the medium of communication and literacy. Therefore, support from a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) is fundamental in the effective education of children.

As your dedicated school SLT, I can offer:

  • Provision to both children and teachers.
  • A quote for school visits before committing
  • Input into Individual Education Plan (or similar) meetings
  •  Assessment, including screening or more specific assessment of individuals to determine specific areas of need and strategies to support development.
  • Setting and supporting long-term planning for schools to meet the needs of children with Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) either in targeted groups or specialist therapy
  • Whole school (universal) intervention to support ALL children in their communication
  • Provide teacher and teaching assistant development including training, providing materials and modelling of therapies.
  • Work closely with families and other professionals.
  • Support good practice in the classroom.
  • Support educational target setting and evaluation.
  • Play a vital role in working directly with the child with specific SLCN as well as support the teachers and teaching assistants to differentiate the curriculum appropriately, and provide necessary training

All children, with or without a diagnosis, should be confident in communicating and participating in their school curriculum and daily activities.


Packages of Care for schools should be tailored to their needs and factors such as school size, population, teacher training, etc need to be considered. I will therefore give individual prices depending on frequency and duration of visits.