Therapy Sessions

Following assessment I can deliver therapy for a range of difficulties including the following:

  • Difficulties with understanding
  • Difficulties using language expressively
  • Stammering
  • Speech delay or specific difficulties with speech sounds
  • Verbal Dyspraxia (difficulties in the planning and articulation of speech)
  • Difficulties with social communication, including Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome

The advice and therapy programme for each child needs to be specifically tailored for them. It should suit their learning styles/interests, age and their strengths. This means working in the location that benefits them including the child’s home, clinic based or schools and nursery settings.

The therapy that I offer is flexible in terms of the length and frequency of individual sessions. This is because I feel therapy sessions must take into consideration the child’s age, attention span and abilities. It also, should be appropriate to what is being delivered e.g. a program to target language understanding needs a completely different approach to one that targets speech sounds, etc.

I set aims of therapy in conjunction with parents and schools (where appropriate) and review them regularly. The objective is to make these aims as functional and practical as possible so that communicating skills are transferred into everyday life, e.g. in the classroom, playground, at home, etc.

In order to transfer the speech and language therapy skills from the sessions into everyday life, carry over needs to be done at home and at school.  This includes supporting parent and school involvement, building language rich environments for the child in settings where they may spend large amounts of time.